Thomas P. McNamara

McNamara's Duck.

My Dad's friend Tom McNamara was stationed at Inchon. He operated an Army amphibious DUCK. Amphibious DUCK's were used to bring ammo and supplies from the ships in Inchon harbor to shore. From there the ammo was taken to the railhead were it would be checked and loaded onto boxcars to be shipped by rail to the 58TH ORD. AMMO CO. at Sihung near Yongdungp'o Korea just south of the Korean capitol of Seoul. From time to time Mac would write notes on the inside of the box cars to keep in touch.

Here are a few pictures of MacNamara while on a visit to the 58th. Dad and Mac had know each other since Basic Training at Aberdeen Proving Ground and have been friends ever since. They both ended their tour of duty at the same time and both went home on the USNS Gen. Black.

-----SPECIAL NOTE-----
Several years ago my Dad had open heart surgery to replace the aortic valve
and a 9" section of the aorta. This was his second operation in 14 years to correct and repair an aorta dissection. This is a very serious operation and not wanting to take anything away from the incredibly skilled surgical team at UPMC headed by
Dr. Bartley P. Griffith, to whom I am eternally grateful for saving my Dad's life,
but there may have been other factors at work here and I want to relate this story of two old war buddies from Korea.

A few days after the surgery when Dad had stabilized he was moved from the ICU to CCU. While he was sleeping one day, my Mom, my Sister, my children, Shane and Brigid, and I went up to the hospital cafeteria to have lunch. When we came back there was a man in the room who we didn't know, talking with Dad. The room had a brightness about it and Dad seemed brighter too. The man was Tom McNamara from Cincinnati Ohio. He was in Pittsburgh for a Christian Men's convention and had a few hours of free time to sight see and explore the city. He decided with that free time that he would look up his old Korean War buddy. Little did he know at that time that his search would take him to the Cardiac Care Unit of the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center in the heart of the Oakland section of Pittsburgh. Now anyone who lives in or knows anything about the city of Pittsburgh, knows that this is not an easy city to get around in, but here was Tom McNamara standing in the same hospital room talking with my Dad. I never found out how he got there or how he found out dad was even there, but I'm sure there had to be some divine intervention that brought him to see his old friend.
Mac, I never had the chance to thank you for visiting my Dad that day, so I hope this humble web page in some way expresses the respect I have for you. You are a true friend and my Dad is lucky to know you, God Bless You!

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